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In this issue, we’re bringing a Survival Guide for Remote Workers, a visual and interactive way to learn how algorithms work, advice on how to create the best work space (beware it as can be a productivity killer) and finally, tools for creating the perfect favicon for your web page.

Welcome to DevCraft #8!

Now You Can See How an Algorithms Works!

Suggested by Diego in: #software-engineering #programming

Are you learning (or re-learning) the basics of data structures? You know: Lists, Queues, Trees, Stacks, etc? Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting in this field, watching how your data gets used, inserted, deleted, ordered is fascinating. If only I had this during college. Visit

An Awesome Collection of Home Offices

Suggested by Paolo in: #tools #ergonomics #remote-work

DeskHunt is a collection of user-submitted photos and details of their home office setups. If you work from home and are looking to learn some useful tips and tricks on ergonomics, this is really worth checking out.

Give Your Favicons Some Love

Suggested by Diego in: #design #tools

This might not be so important in the era of having 60-browser-tabs-open-at-once, but favicons still give a nice touch to all websites. Indeed these little 32x32px images show you can, but can be time-consuming for those (like me) without the required design chops. Luckily for us, the internet is full of useful tools, including Favicomatic
and Favicon Generator. Any other favorites? Drop us an email!

The Remote Work Survival Guide

Suggested by Rubén in: #remote-work

The illustration above was probably created as a joke, but it happens far more than you’d think. When you transition from a traditional 9-5 office to your first remote job, you need to be prepared for a big change in mindset. For example, you’ll need to:

  • Re-learn how to communicate with your teammates
  • Organise not only your daily work, but weeks or months in advance to share with your team
  • Be able to ask for help if you need it

And even more important get healthy habits and find a good work-life balance that works for you.

If you’re (or planning to be) a new remote worker, read this article from the Zapier blog which is full of good advice.

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