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Here it is, DevCraft #6, the perfect companion to your first coffee of the week.

This week: in #remote-working we’re covering common problems remote workers face away from the office, a TED talk about procrastination (are you feeding the monkey while reading DevCraft?), scam #apps, command line #tools and finally an awesome placeholder generator in the #design.


Being a Remote Worker Sucks – Long Live the Remote Worker

Suggested by Ruben in: #remote-work

We are the lucky ones living in a transition between remote and office work environments. As software engineers and digital beings, we are pioneers in the trend, and it’s not always easy.

If you’re one of the first remote workers in your company, you may find social pressure from your teammates. You could find yourself working harder to prove remote working is possible, whilst your teammates think of you, hanging out with no pants or showering (let’s hope not).

These problems are nothing new, we want to revisit a post from Scott Hanselman, an employee from the Microsoft Web Platform Team who wrote about some of the problems he faced after five years out of the office, back in 2013.

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If You’re a Procrastinator, Read This Now, Or in Five Minutes.

Suggested by Diego in: #culture

In this funny video, Tim Urban tells us about how the minds of procrastinators work. You’ll learn about the scientific ideas he expressed in his famous blog post: the Instant Gratification Monkey, The Panic Monster, Dark Playground and so on. But the best part is the finale: the silent procrastination we do when we don’t have deadlines. Go and check this out. Now. Well, maybe a bit later. Or tomorrow.

How to Make $80,000 Per Month on the Apple App Store

Suggested by Paolo in: #apps

This article has interesting research into scam applications and the iOS App Store Ecosystem. Do you believe that to make money on the app store you must provide value for your user? False! There are plenty of scamming apps which domand a $100 subscription per month. How did this happen? A mix of a poor inspection from the App Store’s review team and a bad subscription UX.

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Graphically Navigate Complex Shell Commands

Suggested by Paolo in: #tools

Have you ever copy/pasted complex shell command from Stack Overflow? Did you take time to analyze the command to find out what it actually does? Explain Shell is a great tool that displays the composition of commands in detail and explains each step.

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Design Icons Like a Pro and Fill Your Placeholders with Images of Steven Seagal

Suggested by Diego in: #design

Follow Marc Edwards on Twitter to see his design speed runs of almost any logo you can imagine. For more, checkout this blog post.

And if you’re in need of some placeholder images for your project, Steven Seagal has got you covered (well, actually Dave Cowart). Using Steven SeGALLERY you can get custom-sized images of your hero to use as placeholders.

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