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DevCraft is a software engineering newsletter curated by remote workers. We love our jobs and it’s why we would like to encourage you to pack your notebook, take your bag and leave the office! We’re all in Spain right now curating this because of the beach, the wine (maybe not at this time of the morning), the food, weather, shall I continue?

If your company doesn’t permit remote work, perhaps it’s time to convince them of the benefits. Your skills are more important than your location and there are plenty of great companies who know this. Take a look to the Awesome Remote Work repository and see if there’s something that could be for you.

Oh and by the way, welcome to DevCraft #5!

The Complete Guide to Working On A Remote Team

Suggested by Diego in: #remote-working

We find many motivational articles talking about why you should embrace remote work, but it’s also important to understand the how. Megan Berry is the Head of Product at OctaneAI – a fully remote company. In this article, she shares concrete tools, examples of work schedules, equipment she’s using and advises on how to communicate better with other remote coworkers.

This article is a must if you “believe performance should be measured by what you get done, not face time”.

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I’m Proud to Be a Programmer

Suggested by Diego in: #programming

Writing code is just one aspect of being a programmer. As important as crafting good code is, there’s a ton of other things you need to get right beyond those Design Patterns and Monads to become a successful developer. Someone who can transform an idea into an usable entity.

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Learn VIM While Playing

Suggested by Diego in: #tools

VI (and VIM) are the editors that refuse to die. 41 years later VIM is the only editor your guaranteed to find in an Amazon EC2 instance or in a Raspberry Pi. Learning it was never easy, though. Enter Vim Adventures, a browser based game to learn Vim while playing

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ARKit Is the Funniest Technology You Can Test This Summer

Suggested by Ruben in: #frameworks

In 2012, I discovered that Spain’s national post service offered an augmented reality app to help you determine your package size. At the time, I was amazed by it’s sorcery.

Since then, we have seen a lot of concepts promising to break the mould on the way we interact with our devices.

At WWDC Apple introduced ARKit, it’s entry into the augmented reality world. Now I don’t know if it’s going to be a game changer, but this is one of the funnest technologies you can play with this summer.

If you want to showcase your experiments or need inspiration, follow the link below to Made With ARKit.

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Complete Set of Sounds for Your Prototypes

Suggested by Ruben in: #ux

Good design isn’t just about looks, but how it feels. As we have more senses than just sight, we perceive products in many ways.

Following this theory, the Facebook Design team is encouraging you to experiment with sound in your applications. They have released a sound kit for prototypes – a complete set of sounds ready to integrate and play with your user’s perceptions.

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