This week’s newsletter is probably the last, and it comes with a farewell note.

Farewell Friends!

Today we have a sad announcement to make. When performing an experiment like DevCraft, it is necessary to measure and review progress periodically. We made DevCraft with the idea of building an online community of developers, which could potentially evolve into something else. We started with a newsletter but it could actually have been a forum, a tool collection like Product Hunt or… mostly anything! (you never really know what you’re building when you start). Unfortunately DevCraft didn’t make the cut of the growth metrics we were looking for.

It turns out we are devoting too much time to compile the content, even after all the automation, and the growth of the subscriber list has not been as fast as we imagined would be. Even if we’re having fun putting the newsletter together, it is time-consuming and requires attention that we could be devoting to building other products like Bugfender or Localname or tons of other ideas we have in mind.

If you have any feedback, be it good or bad, suggestions or ideas (or you wish to send us a cheque!) please hit Reply and tell us!


Robots and Automation: How Africa is at Risk

A discussion on how automation is gradually replacing human labor. Eventually, communities surviving because of just being cheap labor will need to reinvent themselves. Read more…

Web Development

What’s new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, 2018

A list of examples of the new features in the latest versions of ECMAScript. Read more…


A nice and sweet tool to generate Go code to do an HTTP request out of the cURL command. Also links to a tool to do the reverse conversion and JSON conversions Read more…


Make Me a German

A BBC documentary about the “average German person/family” based on statistics. Both interesting and funny. I would be fun to see this from other countries as well. Read more…

Electrifying Classic Cars

A short documentary about how to turn a regular car into an electric one. Our team checked it and liked in general the documentaries of Freethink Media. We also recommend the “Coded” one. Read more…


A Typeface Integrating Braille into Letters

This clever new typeface shows a way to put together braille and regular text that you can see, so you do not need double space to have both. Also I am wondering, could it be a way to learn Braille for non-blind people? Read more…

Hardware Design

Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive

Juicero surprised everyone when they launched their product for how expensive it was. Was it justified such an expensive machine just to make juices? Well, there have to be enough people in the market willing to pay for it, so no, it looks like it was not completely justified. However the machine was actually a very expensive piece of engineering, here is a detailed teardown we loved to read. Read more…


Real Programmers Keyboard Heatmap

Also sometimes called “Stack Overflow programming!” (sorry, couldn’t find source)