Happy early Valentine’s day!

This week’s collection is a bit longer than usual, many interesting topics like useful Chrome extensions, books and CSS tips. If you have anything you want to share, hit reply!


I Don’t Care About Cookies

A fine Chrome extension to remove all cookie popups automatically. We all know what cookies are for and we need to accept those popups anyway, so who cares? Read more…

Setting Up dnsmasq for your Docker machines and Remove Ads

A quick way to set up dnsmasq for your Docker machines and maybe even map ad server domains to make them inaccessible. Read more…


Security of Prononceable Passwords

Last week was the “change your password day” (depending on which calendar you check). Regardless of the date, it is a good policy to change your password at least once a year. During an internal discussion we came up with this article about pronounceable passwords and their security vs usability implications. Read more…

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A science fiction reading recommendation by Fran, one of the DevCraft team members.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

An book about human psychology and how you can establish better relationships with your peers. An oldie but goodie, recently re-edited. Read more…

The World’s Most Advanced Flower Pot

A blog post about Ruben‘s early experiences in IoT and his journey until today. A compelling story on never giving up for your passions, they might eventually become a business (or you will at least have fun trying).


Analytics for InVision Prototypes

We just discovered this tool for analyzing your user’s actions in InVision prototypes. It sounds like a good idea to start measuring things from day zero, maybe as early as while prototyping. Read more…


Fix Your Aplication’s Bugs with a Better UI

Bugfender has just launched a new UI with better usability and faster, more powerful searches. Check it out for free.

Web Development


A video explaining CSS grids and how it makes our front-end developer lives easier. Read more…

Android development

Testing In-App Purchases on Android

A long read on testing the in-app purchase process in Google Play. Even if the article is quite long it might save you lots of time, so it is probably a good investment for Android developers.


The Vendor Client Relationship

If you are in the consulting industry this video will sound so familiar to you…

How Email Really Works

(Sorry I can’t find the source)