Welcome back one more week. Today we have more about remote working, fractals and development tips!

Remote working

The Stress of Remote Working

Remote working is full of great advantages, but also there are a couple of things to watch out to make sure we have a nice experience!


Laws of UX

If Asimov was a designer he would have written this compilation of UX laws.

How Branding Has Evolved

Interesting article on how branding has evolved. From .pdf style guides to digital resources and living designs and now moving towards Zero UI. Where tools such as voice assistants have virtually no styling, but still require a brand image and personality. It’s time to start looking into every single way anyone will interact with your company – as that all affects your image.

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Web and API Based SMTP Testing

We just discovered MailHog, a great tool for locally testing emails. It also has a chaos monkey built in.

JS Things I Never Knew Existed

Some details of Javascript that might surprise even the most seasoned developers!


Crash Reporting for iOS and Android

Know when your application crashes and see what happened just before. Reproducing your crashes becomes much easier in Bugfender logs with integrated crash reporting.


Fractal Dimensions

An interesting YouTube video explaining fractal dimensions in an accessible way

Amazon Go

Huge line to shop at the grocery store whose entire premise is that you won’t have to wait in line!