We’re back to our usual schedule on Mondays. This week we have learned about AWS security, programming for kids and some tips for freelancers.

Thanks for staying tuned one more week and welcome.


Open Source Code Editor

Jupyter is an open source notepad that allows you create Playgrounds style (XCode) documents but with any language. Aldo just discovered it recently.

A Robot To Learn Programming

Cubetto is a wooden robot for kids to learn the basics of computer programming.


Remote Logs for iOS

Bugfender stores the logs of your iOS application, regardless if your application is in development, TestFlight or App Store. Check them anytime and solve bugs super-easy.


How Are Your Skills in AWS Security?

flAWS is a web application with some security vulnerabilities, not the typical web ones like XSS but AWS specific. A quite unique one!

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Beautiful Invoices

Manta is a simple but beautiful invoicing app for freelancers.


A Short History of Nearly Everything

Luciano shared with us this book by Bill Bryson. The author tries to explain “everything”, from the origin of the universe, to life itself and human technological developments, thru science. The nice thing is that he does it using an easy language and amusing narrative, often filled with fun historical facts about scientists and their lives.

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