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Challenges of a Remote-Working Company

Suggested by Ruben in: #remote-working

In DevCraft #2 we mentioned Automattic (WordPress) closing its offices in San Francisco because nobody showed up. Remote working is becoming more and more popular, but let’s be honest, it’s not easy.

This week, we’d like to share an article from Doist, the company behind Todoist and Twist. In this extensive post, Allan Christensen talks about the importance of hiring the correct people, the asynchronous communication and how they’ve managed to create “a remote environment in which people can thrive, grow and strike a healthy work-life balance”

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The Broken Windows Theory

Suggested by Diego in: #programming

I’ve always found The Broken Windows Theory fascinating, especially when applied to information systems. In this article, Frederick Vanbrabant reflects on how our code can deteriorate (quickly, I may add) if you get careless. He also offers several techniques and tools to help you improve and be a good coding citizen.

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Hacking Security Tools

Suggested by Diego in: #security #programming

Security is a complex and important topic. To protect our computers we use different security programs, such as an antivirus or firewall. But what happens when the tool you use to protect yourself gets hacked? Pedro Vilaca shows in detail how he reverse engineered Little Snitch and how he exploits a vulnerability in the code.

Another interesting read comes from Robert O’Callahan, ex Mozilla employee, who tells us to not use other antivirus on Windows 10 other than Microsoft’s.

Fnally, I’ve always been interested on how to make a Stack Clash attack. This is where you make your stack bigger to clash with your heap, confusing your operating system and are able to run privileged code. Michael Mimoso shows us the details.

Top Tips for Terrible Tech Talks

Suggested by Diego in: #speaking #humor

An amusing, yet useful talk on how to give a terrific talk by Chet Haase without boring your audience. And yes, this is for everyone, not just pro speakers. When you want to convince others on your point of view, the first step is not to lose their attention.

Extensive Guide to Screen Resolutions

Suggested by Ruben in: #design

These week’s #design highlight is from Sebastien Gabriel and his Designer’s guide to DPI. Whilst the guide is written for beginner and intermediate designers, we have found it so useful too. It’s great to be able to understand the basis behind the different screen resolutions on different devices and why some images can appear blurry in your UI.

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