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How Is Coding for a Mars Rover?

The article talks about Curiosity. Yes, you guessed it… it must be funny!
But also quite interesting to learn about. Also available as a video presentation.

Calling Swift from Kotlin

Swift and Kotlin? Strange combination, but it is possible! Check the
article for more information on how it works.


Bugfender Remote Logger

Bugfender stores your iOS and Android application logs so you can read your
logs without needing an extremely lengthy USB cable. Reproduce your bugs
faster and spend more time building new features playing Call of Duty!
(We promise we won’t tell your boss).


New European Directive to Protect User Privacy

Jordi is a Cofounder of Bugfender. He has
shared with us his thoughts about the new European Directive. (European
directives have to be later implemented by each EU member as laws)

Last week I’ve been looking at GDPR, a European directive to protect user
privacy. It replaces an old directive, from which countries derived
specific laws such as LOPD (Spain).

  • Consumers:
    • Have the right to know which data is being collected.
    • Have the right to modify and delete their data.
    • Have the right to export their data.
    • Have the right to know which companies have access to their data.
  • Companies:
    • Have to guarantee consumer rights.
    • Enter into agreement and list “sub-processors”.
    • Need to do a risk evaluation in data processing on high risk data
      classes: health, government, biometric data, criminal records, economic
      situation, performance at work, sexual preferences, location,…
  • Main differences with LOPD (Spain)
    • No longer need to inform government agencies of data being collected.
    • No specific rules on how to classify data risk, no specific
      protection measures listed (up to the company).


Mindful Configuration for the iPhone

The biggest and best founded companies in the world are having a savage
fight to get your atention in your smartphone. This article shows you how
to configure your device to avoid procrastination and put some limits to
the ansiety of checking notifications continuosly.

How Far Is Google Maps from Apple Maps?

Actually the question would be: how far is G.Maps from the rest of the
competitors? The comparition feels a bit like the graphics of Minecraft vs

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“This Code Faster”. Contribution to Linux

The Github user ahmetilgin wanted to contribute to Linux and he found a
very interesting way to speed up everything. He minimized the main.c file
and created Pull Request titled “This Code Faster”. Fortunately Torvalds is
a friendly person :trollface: