Good morning and welcome to a new special edition of DevCraft!

As the holiday season approaches and 2017 is ending, we wanted to gather up and share with you the tool we use daily, that we think are a must-have for every professional.

You can use this guide for gift ideas or just to find nice gadgets for yourself. We’ve handpicked the best bits of gear for working remotely and from your office, backpacks, wallets and also cryptocurrency gadgets.

We hope you enjoy this special, and we’ll be back next week with our regular edition of DevCraft.


Having the right tool for the job is as important as choosing the proper language or technology for your project. Here a list of office accessories we cannot live without at DevCraft.

Keyboards, Mice, and Accessories

X-Bows Ergonomic Keyboard
For the mechanical keyboard lovers, the X-Bows is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard that also has an RGB light built in!

Input Club WhiteFox
If you’re after a mechanical keyboard but still love a compact size, the Input Club WhiteFox is the one for you.

Apple Magic Keyboard
Probably one of the thinnest keyboards in the market, and highly integrated with your Mac. A must have to use with your Roost Stand.

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Sculpt Ergonomic
The evolution of the successful Natural Ergonomic by Microsoft. It’s thin, it’s beautiful, it’s ergonomic and it also works with a Mac.

Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
You’ve got a standing desk because sitting is the new smoking, then you discover standing can still be a problem for your back. This anti-fatigue mat is a must-have for every standing desk owner.

Logitech MX Master Mouse
Battery-backed, powerful, ergonomic mouse with several programmable buttons. It has also a smaller version for the nomads.

Microsoft Arc Mouse
The mouse that fits in every backpack. Lightweight, precise and simple.

ElGato Thunderbolt 3 Dock
This dock enables you to connect everything to your computer at once, using only one cable to drive dual displays, attach an external drive and even charge your MacBook.

Remote Working Accessories

Roost Stand
If you’re using a laptop, you may have neck pain due to an incorrect screen position. The Roost is a portable stand that elevates your screen to a good height. It also packs down and becomes very portable.

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
When working in noisy environments such as coffee shops or open spaces, noise-canceling headphones are a must. The compact size of these Bose ones makes them easy to transport too.

AirMod Bose Wireless Adapter
If you have an older, wired version of Bose noise-canceling headphones, this accessory makes them wireless.

Levit8 – Flat Foldable Portable Standing Desk
Even if you’re not working from home, you don’t have to treat your back badly while sitting. This portable standing desk can be put into your backpack and carried with you.

Luna Display
Turn your iPad into a second screen with the highest definition and lowest latency with Luna Display.

Cryptocurrency Gadgets

2017 was the year of Ethereum and Bitcoin, but the forecast predicts an amazing year ahead for cryptocurrencies. Be ready for it with the following:

Shift: Bitcoin Debit Card
The first Bitcoin debit card in the world. It connects with your Coinbase account and allows you to spend Bitcoins in real stores.

Ledger Nano S
A perfect, secure way to store your cryptos and keep them safe. This is the wallet of choice if you want to store your digital assets in hardware.


Engineers love functional tools and backpacks. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a remote worker or a digital nomad, there is a perfect set of tools for you out there. Find here our selection.


Dyborgs Dynema Wallets
Handmade wallet made out of Dyneema, to resist any condition.

Herschel Charlie Wallet
Very thin wallet holding up to 10 cards and notes. No more bricks in your pocket!

N Wallet
A little and handy metal wallet to store your favorite card and a little bit of cash.


Korin Design ClickPack Pro
This is the perfect backpack for people who enjoy living in big cities. Anti-theft, water resistant and durable materials.

Thule Crossover Backpack
This backpack will become your best friend. Lots of pockets, rigid sunglasses compartment and a waterproof shield make this backpack the best you can ask for.

Alchemy Equipment AEL Backpack
This backpack it’s covered with a high-grade coated protective nylon, a full complement of pockets and internal compression straps to make sure your stuff stays put. A must-have for every traveler,

North Face Refractor
A robust suitcase with backpack shape. A fair price for a backpack that can substitute your carry on the trolley for one-week travels.

Universal Tools

Software Engineers are probably not the most adventurous out there, but still, we love to fix things and a universal tool it is always handy.

Ninja Wallet
If the Leatherman feels overkill for you, you can still bring a Ninja Wallet with you and feel like McGyver.

Power Donut (or Bagel if you are from Europe)
We already mentioned the importance of having a power strip in your suitcase in our Remote Working Special. The Power Donut is probably the most portable power strip in the market.


If you just want to relax and have fun, here’s our selection of the best gadgets out there.

Nintendo Classic Mini
New edition of the timeless legend, to relive hours of retro gaming.

Flipping Card Watches
A collection of flip card watches directly from the ’60s.

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Star Wars Ice Cube
What’s better than having a death star ice cube in your drink?

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