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In case you missed our last issue (why would you do that?), next week we’re doing another special, featuring our favorite selection of gear and gadgets for remote workers and digital nomads. So this is the last call for anyone who would like to submit any recommendations, please use this form.

Welcome to DevCraft #25!

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Photo by Nate Grant on Unsplash

Remote Work

5 Essential Communications Strategies for Digital Nomads
Whether you’re a freelancer or an employee, Crew’s team has made some great suggestions on how to improve your communication as a remote worker.

Frameworks, Languages, and Tools

The Cost of JavaScript

In this article, we’re given a detailed explanation of the costs associated with JavaScript. Whether developing for mobile or desktop, JavaScript codebases often include many variables, reference many files, have complex compilation routines, and heavy transfer and decompression rates. This is a must-read for every web developer.

Introduction to Jenkins and CI

Jenkins is an old but well-known tool for continuous integration, but what is it? What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?

Pair Programming in Real-Time With Atom Teletype and Visual Studio Code Live Share

Two of the best code editors have introduced a new feature this week: real-time remote collaboration on the same code. The functionality is called Teletype for Atom and Live Share for Visual Studio Code. There is some difference between the two editors but the core is essentially the same. Give it a try!

Firefox Quantum

This browser is super fast, like seriously fast. Stepping up from Firefox in so many, it also offers user profiles called containers (like profiles in Chrome). If you’re interested in how things work under the hood, Mozilla’s engineers wrote this article, explaining just how Firefox Quantum is so fast.

Photon – Syntax Highlighting as a Service

Photon is a powerful, multiplatform, highly customizable and free syntax highlighter for the modern web.


Jose is a software engineer from the Mobile Jazz team. Recently, he’s spent a lot of time researching the best possible setup to develop for backend in Java/Kotlin. After testing countless setups, his final recommendation is:
Spring Boot + Flyway + Jooq + Docker.


Sonar Calling

Sónar is a three-day electronic music festival in Barcelona. Over the years, Sonar has gone beyond music, including many art and technology installations at the festivals. This year Sónar is celebrating its 25th anniversary by sending a message in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. We just hope the aliens aren’t using Truecaller.



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