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The most clicked link in the Remote Working Special has been The Roostand. We obtained two conclussions from that: software engineers suffer from back pain and our next special issue should be about gear and gadgets for remote working.

Help us creating the new DevCraft Special! If you are a remote worker take a minute to fill our form and send us a link and a comment about your favourite gadget.

Remote Work

How to Avoid Burnout in a Remote Team

Remote is great for your lifestyle: you can work whenever and wherever you want and support your passions and families. Nevertheless, people may get tired and burn out.
Remote work requires a lot of discipline and organization: this article from Zapier collects suggestions from remote workers all over the world to maintain a sane remote work environment.

A Survival Guide for Parents Who Work Remotely

How to manage to stay focused and productive from home when a new member of the family arrives? Doist team share its tricks and tips with us for an usual workday organization.

Frameworks, Languages, and Tools

Elasticsearch 6.0 Released

The new version from Elasticsearch was released this week. It features easier maintenance and stability, smaller disk requirements and moreover, is faster.

Refactoring Guru

Refactoring Guru is a shiny website where you can find tons of information on refactoring, design patterns, SOLID principles and other smart programming topics.

Are Global Variables Bad?

Spoiler Alert: it depends. This article from @Edaqa tries to answer that recurrent question about global variables. But prior to do this, it is necessary to answer another question: What is a global variable?



Are your side projects full of placeholders from Icon Finder? Avataaars is a free sketch library to create avatars. It is so fun and easy to use that probably we are going to see a lot of these avatars in future apps.


Facebook Local

Facebook launched a new app to help discover bars, restaurants, and nearby attractions.
The app combines events and permanent places to a single search engine. Everything powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages, plus reviews and friend’s checkins.

Waymo Self-Driving Taxi

Waymo, the Alphabet self-driving car company, now has cars driving on public roads in the Phoenix metropolitan area with no one in the driver’s seat.
The service is still in beta but it’ll be open to the public very soon.

Careful with TrueCaller

Last week I’ve started using TrueCaller – a nice app to identify the caller ID and block numbers reported as spam/scam –. Unfortunately nothing comes for free. You must know that TrueCaller uploads your full contact list to their server and use it on their services. There are quite some complaints regarding privacy and regarding security too. TIP: for the moment you can use it without granting any access permission to your contact list and it will work perfectly (at least in iOS).

The Bugfenders [massive] Event Compilation

Our colleagues from Bugfender (the remote logging tool) have created a comprehensive list with all the interesting Android and iOS events from 2017 and 2018.


Reddit Favorites

At Devcraft we read a lot of books, and we always strive for a recommendation.
This cool webpage collects the best books based on analysis of 3.1 billion Reddit comments.