Have you enjoyed last week special edition? We’re back with a regular version of DevCraft, but we are already working on the next special.
This week we’ll talk about remote workstations, VIM, suicidal Linux and much more.
Sit back, relax and enjoy Devcraft #23.

Remote work

Remote Workspaces
What’s the setup for your home office? Zapier collected all the workspace of its employees in this interesting blog post.

23 Productivity Tips from Digital Nomad
Digital nomads and remote workers often change work environment: coffee shops, home offices, exotic locations. In this article from Buffer an interesting collection of productivity tips from fellow remote folks.

The First 150 Days of Van Life
Jakob is a software engineer from Germany. Early this year he bought a camper van from 1984 and since then he has been living and working remote for Github.

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Frameworks, Languages, and Tools

Awesome VIM
Are you a vim user or do you want to start investing your time learning it? Most of the time in this incredible tool is spent creating the best configuration to support your workflow.
This git project collects the best configuration you can ever find, check it out.

Lumber is an opensource tool to generate an admin microservice. It instantly provides all common admin tasks such as CRUD operations, simple chart rendering, user group management, and WYSIWYG interface editor.

Interactive Animation Tools
Webflow’s interactions and animations tools givess you an interactive GUI to build animations that are exported as CSS and JS, ready to be embedded in your webpage.

Syncthing is a continuous synchronization program. You can set it up to synchronize file between 2 or more computers, and all the data are encrypted and exchanged withouth any third party entity.
If you are concerned about the privacy of the data you synchronize this tool should be your first choice.


Abstract is a version control built for designers. It can store multiple versions of your work, and your team can collaborate on different topics by creating branches, as you do with your codebase.
Abstract is still in beta, and support only Sketch files, but it looks very promising.


A Doctor Diagnosed His Own Cancer with This Iphone Gadget
The incredible story of a doctor that was invited to try out a tiny ultrasound device and ended up diagnosing cancer on himself.


Deep Work
In our modern and ultra-connected work, productivity and focus sometimes are really hard to achieve. Deep Work from Cal Newport explains how to treat distractions and methods to do more meaningful and focused work.


Suicide Linux
Want to have fun with colleagues at work? Install this Linux distro on someone machine and wait. It substitutes any misspelled command with rm -rf / and wipes out your hard disk.

Know the Risks

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