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From Remote Friendly to Remote Only

Suggested by Diego in: #remote-work

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, have decided to close their San Francisco office as virtually nobody goes there. This is becoming a frequent trend in remote-friendly companies, as Buffer also closed their office in 2015.

In contrast, some companies such as Yahoo! and IBM are against remote working, requiring many people to return to the office.

We are strong believers that developers need quiet, private space to think and work. Joel Spolsky, in his famous Field Guide to Developers advocated for private offices – whether that be company owned space or from the comfort of a home.

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Machine Learning for Everyone

Suggested by Paolo in: #technologies

iOS 11 introduced a new framework called CoreML, focused on machine learning. It enables you to load a training dataset from the most common open source engines (Keras, Caffe, scikit-learn, XGBoost, and libSVM) and automatically manage AI execution tasks on the CPU and GPU.

In the following article, Matthijs Hollemans presents an overview of the new features and guides us through an example application to show how easy it is to have AI in our apps.

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Do You Know Cassandra?

Suggested by Ruben in: #culture

Cassandra is a decentralized database developed by Facebook that provides high availability and linear scalability.

Whilst this is overkill for most personal projects, let’s face it, developers love over-engineered systems. We love to play with the latest and trendiest technologies and sometimes we can lose the perspective of what we were initially faced with.

Ozan Onay, a computer science teacher, features in this great article titled “You Are Not Google” inviting us to understand and think before try to copy the big players.

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App Store Optimization After WWDC’17

Suggested by Paolo in: #markets #tools

Apple will be revealing it’s new App Store design this fall, with lots of optimizations for app discovery.

New features include a redesign of application cards, adding titles and subtitles to apps, automatic uninstallation of unused apps and much more. If you have an application in the App Store, this is a must read!

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Redditors Design Worst Volume Sliders Possible

Suggested by Ruben in: #humor

If we asked you to design a volume controller, you’d probably think of a vertical or horizontal bar with a circle illustrating it’s current position.

So when the same question was asked to the Redditors of ProgrammerHumor, they purposely created some of the worst volume control concepts ever.

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