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September is over and fall is here, but that just means we’re just spending a little less time on the beach 🙂 This week we have a fantastic selection of articles around design, user retention, Facebook’s new license for it’s famous libraries and the biggest Game Boy in the world.

Grab a coffee (or tea) and take a few moments to enjoy DevCraft #17 before starting your week.

Remote Working

The Remote Work Survival Guide

Nine do’s and don’ts every remote worker needs to know from Zapier.

Frameworks, Languages, and Tools


A FOSS tool for secrets management, encryption as a service and privileged access management.

Apple’s New HEIF Image Format

Everything you need to know about the JPEG-killing HEIF format Apple is adopting.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site between two domains or hosts.

Relicensing React, Jest, Flow and Immutable.js

Facebook took a step back with their BSD + Patents license and released their popular frameworks under the MIT license.

Design and UX


A nice concept on the future of computing, combining mobile and desktop together.

How to Trigger Product Usage That Sticks

A deep analysis on how an app like Calm helps users to build good habits and increase app usage.


World Largest Game Boy

The world’s largest Game Boy enters the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

Unsplash Wallpaper Mac App

A Mac app from Unsplash (free stock photo service), offering a stunning wallpaper every day.


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