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Remote Working

Keeping Your Remote Team Connected

There are few things motivate more than a strong connection with the team.

Workplace and Productivity

High Performer Teams

Research on Google’s workforce reveals the essential requirements for high-performing teams.

What Is the Average Productivity in an 8-Hour Day?

This may make you feel better about leaving work early today.

Frameworks, Languages, and Tools

Hack, a Font Designed for Code

A typeface designed for source code – open source, and community-driven.

What Every Programmer Should Know

A collection of technical things every programmer should know.

NetData – Server Monitoring Tool

A FOSS tool to monitor your server and container. Neat, fast and efficient.

Charles Proxy

It doesn’t matter what kind of developer you are, you need this proxy application. It can save you tons of time.

12 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Kotlin for Android Today

Kotlin is seemingly the next big thing in Android development, find out why.


Fastest Website Ever

The greatest website to ever fit in a single TCP packet

Cult of Party Parrot

Everyone needs the party parrot!


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