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Remote Working

3 Years of Living in a Camper Van and Running a 20 People Remote Business
In this first episode of the O4H VANLIFE SERIES Stefan explains his story of quitting high school, living on the beaches of Maui, working on the first self-driving cars at Stanford University and then starting a 20 people technology business that he runs fully remotely out of his camper van.
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How to Forget About Work When You’re Not Working
When was the last time you got away from work?
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Frameworks, languages, tools

Cause We Didn’t Have Enough JS Frameworks, I Give You Vue
Vue is becoming – another- famous JavaScript framework with many similarities to React and Angular
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This SSH daemon can run a command to get the authorized_keys file. Makes it very easy to write your own agent for SSH SSO.
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Series of Posts About Functional Data Types in Kotlin
Originally written in Haskell but translated to Kotlin.
Functors – Apply a function to a wrapped value using map.
Applicatives – Apply a wrapped function to a wrapped value using apply.
Monads – Apply a function that returns a wrapped value, to a wrapped value using flatMap.


Beating Your Imposter Syndrome
How we can solve our creative block and improve the way we judge our work.
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Every Day Carry
Nice website showing Every Day Carry (EDC) of engineers, artists and other professionals: Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between Apps We Cherish vs. Regret?
It seems the more time spent within an app, the more likely a user will become unhappy with it
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20 minute video of the Skoda Assembling line

@title: this is a title

Most of Javadoc


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