Have you ever noticed that some planes don’t have a row 13 of seats, for superstitious reasons?

Every time I see something like this, I wonder to myself just how many if-else conditions must have been required to implement seat assignment in systems, and just how many bugs this may have caused.

In our case, we’re not superstitious, so welcome to DevCraft #13!

How I Learned to Balance Work, Family and Life through Remote Work

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Let’s continue our journey into the life of remote workers with Michael Erasmus from Buffer, a developer and a surf enthusiast from Cape Town. In this article, he explains how he manages to balance work, family and his love for surfing.

Remote work gives you the opportunity to design the life that you want, with some jobs even fitting around your own schedule. Hidden gem: Buffer has great articles about remote work, check out the corresponding category in its blog.

Learn Anything: An Open Source Mind Map of Everything

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If you’ve ever wondered where to start learning a particular topic, Learn Anything is a huge website with mind maps for just about every topic you can imagine. It’s open source, community driven and dangerous to your productivity, you can get lost in the wealth of resources for hours!

The Top 10 Books Every CTO (and Possibly Every Developer) Should Read

Suggested by Diego in: #culture #books

What is a CTO after all? In my opinion, someone curious about technology, with organization/management skills and a Palantir tucked under their desk to find out about new technologies that can make an impact in their organization. To be a successful CTO, reading books about your profession can be really helpful, these top 10 books for CTOs are an absolutely goldmine of knowledge.

Google’s Latest Sweet Treat

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Google has just launched version 8 of Android (Oreo) after much speculation about what was behind it’s codename; Android-O. The latest update brings lots of changes, focusing on performance improvements (quicker boot times) and battery life (restricting background updates and running services à-la iOS). Google also promised a new modular system to bring updates quicker to customers from OEMs. A nice roundup (with nice animations) can be seen on Oreo’s product page. For the coding inclined, dive into the new API 26 documentation and technical info.

NSA Tricks to Identify and Spy

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It always shocks me at the lengths agencies and governments are willing to go to protect our rights A.K.A. spy on us. From reading the password you type in your phone using a satellite (there’s an App to avoid that) to listen to your keyboard sounds while you type to get what you’ve just written. This article discusses the possibility of tracking and finding anyone just by analyzing your writing style on the internet.

One bonus article here too: Did you know that the NSA uses Uber Drivers and Soccer Moms to Spy on You?

Remote Jobs (Help Us!)

If you know somebody looking for a remote job, forward DevCraft onto them. You’ll also be helping us to reach a wider audience and grow our newsletter.

This week, a DevCraft reader sent us this Golang job offer in Elastic (thanks Mario), we then went on to discover that the company has 16 engineering open positions. Ok, some of them are a little tricky, can you speak Japanese?.

Remember, this is a not sponsored section. We’re remote workers who want to spread the word. If you work at a remote friendly company and you are looking for developers, send us your jobs page!

Stopping a daemon

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