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Barcelona is a diverse, vibrant and welcoming city. Many of our team are based in or are from Barcelona, and so today we stand strong and give our thoughts to those caught in such a tragic attack here in our beloved city.

Tips to Reduce the Number of Slack Notifications (And Your Stress)

Suggested by Ruben in: #remote-work #tools

An excessive amount of notifications is a topic we frequently discuss here at DevCraft. When focusing or facing a complex problem, endless Slack notifications can make it difficult to work effectively.

At the end of the day, a feeling of frustration and lack of productivity can be upsetting. Exhaustive conversations on Slack just may be the new version of open-planned distracting office discussions.

Craig, an engineer from Help Scout, has written an excellent post containing 8 Slack Hacks for Reducing Information Anxiety.

One last bonus post here from Help Scout: How We Replaced Our Weekly
All-Hands Meeting with Video

Hacking Your Friend’s Life Using Hotmail, LinkedIn and Static Hosted Websites

Suggested by Paolo in: #social-engineering #hacking

Did you know that the most common passwords for personal accounts are ‘password’ and ‘qwerty’? And that people genuinely use these?

If you still don’t understand the dangers of having a weak password, read this article, it will open your eyes. With just a simple static website, information sourced online and a little bit of social engineering, the author was easily able to hack his friend Dana’s email account and read her messages for months.

Yet Another ARKit Resource

Suggested by Paolo in: #augmented-reality #ios #arkit

Are you still skeptical about augmented reality? Apple is pushing it hard recently with its ARKit, a toolkit which can really make our life easier. You can for example, find a lost friend inside a festival. This week we’d like to share a newsletter dedicated to ARKit and the world of augmented reality.

This File Will Explode after Download

Suggested by Paolo in: #tools

Send is a new service from Firefox that permits you to send large, encrypted files, and for free too. Each link will expire after a single download or 24 hours, where all files will be automatically deleted from Send’s server.

Showcase of Tech Events

Suggested by Ruben in: #conferences #culture

“[…] an iPod, a phone, and an internet communication. Are you getting it?”
Most of us remember those words like we remember Star Wars quotes or lines from our favorite books. Nowadays, tech events are a new kind of entertainment that we frequently watch. So prepare your popcorn and rewatch a huge selection of events that Minu Palaniappan has gathered for us.

Remote Jobs

This week we’d like to highlight Zapier, a fully remote company who have four engineering positions open.

This isn’t a sponsored section, if you’re a remote friendly company, send us a link to your positions and we’ll be happy to help you.

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