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An Introduction to Bitcoin

Suggested by Paolo in: #trending-now

There is so much happening in the world of cryptocurrencies right now. In the last six months the value of Bitcoin has risen from $800 (January 2017) to over $2800 (June 2017) and is still growing! Other currencies such as Ethereum are growing too and the entire world is watching the show, wondering what the next surprise will be.

If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, this video is a great introduction to the currency and open blockchains.

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Mechanical Keyboards in 2017

Suggested by Diego in: #coding #hardware

In the last decade we’ve seen lots of new, almost magical input devices for our computers, from VR glasses to Kinects, Hololenses to Leap Motion controls. Despite all of this, the keyboard and mouse are still kings.

As a programmer, a good keyboard can have a huge impact. However, we often just end using our laptop’s built in keyboard or a generic supplied one.

Enter the world of mechanical keyboards. In this glorious world, you can feel how each key responds thanks to real springs and enjoy the amazing clickety sound while you type. Here are three of the best brands that we recommend:

  • For ergonomic (and weird-looking) keyboard lovers, you can’t beat the Truly Ergonomic range – especially if you suffer from RSI.
  • If you’re looking to customize your keyboard from the font to the colours, Das Keyboards are for you.
    One final ergonomic keyboard great for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, the Kynesis Ergo has something for you.

Command/Query Separation Principle

Suggested by Diego in: #coding #oop

Writing simple code is perhaps the cleanest code you can ever write. Following this principle, Arun Sasidharan reminds us of the Command/Query Separation Principle coined by Bertrand Meyer in his book Object Oriented Software Construction.

The idea is that getters should never change state. And setters should never return anything. While I mostly agree, I love returning a reference to the current object from setters to allow for Fluent Interfaces.

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Apple’s Design Guidelines Updated & Improved

Suggested by Diego in: #design

We can’t miss this opportunity to mention Apples Design Awards 2017. Apple has created a beautiful web page to showcase the apps and teams behind them. Talking about design, during WWDC, one update may have slipped past you. Apple performed a huge update to their design guidelines.

The new guidelines are now particularly useful, as they’re not just a collection of advice for developers, rather a complete guide to understand Apple’s products.

Even non-developers may find these guides interesting and useful as many principles can be extrapolated to other platforms.

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Maintaining Healthy Working Relationships

Suggested by Paolo in: #remote-work

Photo by Meri Sorgaard

Working remotely looks like a dream, right? Working from home or the middle of a forest! But the glitter ain’t all gold: remote workers often face tough challenges every day, and the most difficult of which is maintaining healthy working relationships.

In the following article, Nick Georgandis from (the company behind Unsplash), offers some great tips in this field.

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