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Look Back to the WWDC from 1997

Suggested by Diego in: #trending-now

In DevCraft we are missing some magic from the old days. That’s why we decided to start this newsletter featuring a post by Brendan Shanks. He is at the beginning of a new post series looking back at past WWDCs from 1997.

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What Really Happened with Windows Vista

Suggested by Ruben in: #culture

Talking about Operating Systems… There was a time when it was common to buy a new ‘Windows Vista Capable PC’, unpack it and immediately delete Windows Vista and install Windows XP.

Windows Vista arrived full of features and unfortunately full of bugs. It was slow, it required abnormally high specifications to run smoothly and it was artificially pushed into the OEMs by Microsoft. All of these factors produced a natural rejection from users. But, what really happened? Don’t miss this extensive and great article written by Terry Crowley who was working in the Microsoft Office team during that time.
Spoiler: many things failed.

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Current Status of Remote Working

Suggested by Paolo in: #remote-work

Working from home is one of the best evaluated benefits a company can offer a developer. According to 2017 StackOverflow’s survey, over half the developers work remotely, and the happiness and satisfaction is highly related to working from home.

A nice article and discussion from dev.to on the current status of remote working.

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Massive Map of Linux

Suggested by Diego in: #development-tools

Brendan D. Gregg has put together this massive map of Linux tools to check out all kinds of information to know what’s going on in your machine. Besides the huge PNG, he has a SVG version here.

Some like `ifconfig` or `ldd` are used quite a lot. Others aren’t so well-known so this is a good starting point for learning some Linux internals, one tool at a time.

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Storyframes Before Wireframes

Suggested by Ruben in: #product-design

As engineers, when we think about a new product we ask ourselves questions like: How is it going to work? Which architecture and tools are we going to use?

We should not forget that the success of a product depends also on how we communicate with the user. Fabricio Teixeira features a new article recommending a creative way to start your product designs. Before going into wireframing write the story you want to tell your users in the text editor.

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